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IHS President Ria Naradate

Ria Naradate, President

The Indonesian Heritage Society is a non-profit organization which aims to promote interest in and knowledge of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. With a large multinational group of registered Friends, the Heritage Society seeks to illuminate the rich artistic, historical and cultural traditions of Indonesia for the international community of Jakarta.

In 2015, The Indonesian Heritage Society celebrated 45 Years: Sapphire Gala. It was the 45th year that our all-volunteer, non-profit organization has worked to accomplish its goals to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage.


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Below is our organization structure :
Museum Section

Many Heritage Society Friends are involved in projects supporting the Museum Nasional. Heritage Society sections and services related to the museum include:

  1. Museum tours in English, French, Japanese and Korean
  2. Translation of Museum documents
  3. School Programs are presentations in both English and Japanese are organized in the international schools
  4. Project groups which include:
    – Prehistory
    – Ethnography (ethnic groups)
    – Stone Sculpture


Community section
  1. Evening Lectures : A series of lectures highlighting Indonesian culture and art is presented to the public twice a year.
  2. Explorers : Small groups get together weekly to discover Jakarta through tours and adventures.
  3. Rumahku : Morning talks are held monthly, in private homes, where attendees also socialize over tea, coffee, and snacks.
  4. Study Groups : Groups meet on selected topics to learn about the history, art, and culture of this country.
  5. Heritage Tours : These small group tours with a cultural focus offer registered Friends the opportunity to travel to some of the most fascinating parts of Indonesia.
  6. Foreign Language sections : All French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean-speaking members are welcome to join these groups which provide many different activities.


Communications section
  1. Events : This section organizes the general meetings and social functions that take place throughout the Heritage Society season.
  2. Public Relations : The PR team dispatch and promote information about the Heritage Society for the public.
  3. Cultural Liaison : The purpose of this section is to act as a liaison between Indonesian Cultural Institutions, organizations, cultural communities and the Heritage Society.


Operations section
  1. Library : Provides registered Friends with access to an outstanding collection of works on varied aspects of Indonesian life and culture.
  2. Registration : Coordinates registration for the Heritage Society and represents the organization to the community at large.
  3. Sales : The Sales team co-ordinates the sale of Heritage Society’s calendar, books and range of stationary items.
  4. Information Technology : Maintains and provides information on the Heritage Society website and weekly E-newsletter on the various activities of the society and upcoming events.
  5. Publishing : Indonesian Heritage Society publications include Newsletter – quarterly newsletter, annual calendars, notecards, books.


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