The Explorers groups meet to visit new places in Jakarta and the surrounding area, and to discover Indonesian culture and traditions. Activities include tours to historic venues, talks on a wide range of topics and the chance to observe and take part in many Indonesian daily activities. It is a great way to make new friends and experience things you might be unable to do if you were on your own.

Welcome Explorers! 

How to be a part of Explorers?

  • You can sign up for Explorers:  every other Tuesday/Wednesday, once a month or on a Saturday.

We have organized the groups; mix old with new “Friends”.

The Explorers groups meet on Tuesdays / Wednesdays; every other week, or once a month. An additional weekend Explorers group meets on Saturdays, usually once a month. Each group consists of between 20 – 25 people of different nationalities. They are a mix of newcomers to Jakarta and people who have been here for a while and participated in Explorers before.
A tour can last from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the activity planned by the group, and lunch is normally included. Each Explorer is asked to organize one tour per session, with a partner by choosing a tour from a list of over 100 approved tours. All the approved tours are well documented and research information can be found in the Heritage Society Library. Group leaders offer additional advice and assistance to tour organizers.
  • There are three sessions of Weekly Explorers every year – starting in September, February and June. To become an Explorer you need to be registered as a member of the Indonesian Heritage Society.

Join us in a Weekly Explorer Group, an Every Other Week Explorer group, a Monthly Explorer Group or a Weekend Explorer Group.

Kampung Betawi Trip



For more information please email : explorers@heritagejkt.org.

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