Study Groups

A study group is a group of people who meet to share an interest in learning about topics Indonesia-related. Generally each study group consists of 10-20 participants who make a commitment to meet regularly (weekly, biweekly or monthly) to learn a topic together in a supportive and fun environment. They are a wonderful way of increasing your knowledge of this fascinating place we live in and present an opportunity to meet new friends with a common interest.

Study groups are run on a “do a little, gain a lot” philosophy – over the course of the study group, each member is expected to be responsible for presenting or organising one session but can then sit back and learn from sessions presented or organised by other members. The Heritage Society library offers great resources to aid the preparation of sessions should members choose to research and present on a topic but members can also choose to organise a field-trip or an external speaker related to the topic of the study group.

Study group topics vary ranging from culture, literature, history and art so have a read of the below to see what may suit you in terms of interest and timing. Please email to register interest or for any further clarification.

Ceramics Study Group photo – 1970

Utama Study Groups

Utama Study Groups run from September through to May, with a short break for Christmas. These study groups meet twice a month during the day on weekdays. The following Study Groups have been confirmed for the next 2017/2018 IHS session but more will be added on so check back on this page before we kick off in September.

• Textiles Study Group
Textiles are one of Indonesia’s most powerful and rich art forms and the Textiles Study Group has gone from strength to strength covering the textile traditions across the breadth of this archipelago. In this study group, you will learn about different types of Indonesian textiles, including techniques, history, ritual and meaning of these fabrics. In addition, the IHS has a MoU with Museum Seni, which allows study group members access to the collection of Museum Tekstil Jakarta and the opportunity to view these textiles up-close.
The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.

Nia Fliam from Jogjakarta’s Brahma Tirta Sari presenting to the textiles group

Textiles Study Group members at Lucy’s Batik

• Ancient Civilizations of Indonesia
Learn about the most intriguing ancient civilizations of this country. Who build the megalithic sites in these islands? Who were the Austronesians? What are the stories depicted on the reliefs of Borobodur? These are just some of the questions that can be answered in this interesting study group.
The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

Gunung Padang, the largest megalithic site in South East Asia

Peralihan Study Group

Peralihan Study Groups operate from June to September when the Utama Study Groups are on a break. The topic for this 2017 Peralihan session is Peoples of the Archipelago. In this study group, we will explore the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of these islands that make up one country, Indonesia. This group meets every Tuesday morning until early September 2017.

Minangkabau society

Indonesian Literature Group

Read Indonesian literature in translation in this combination Study Group/ Book Club who meet once a month on Tuesdays afternoon. This group runs from September to May with the Peralihan group in session between June to September.

Pramodeya Ananta Toer – an important Indonesian author

Heritage Art Group

If you want to know your Srihadi from your Eko Nugroho, discover Jakarta’s major and independent galleries, and the people who run them, this is the group to join.  This group meets twice a month to visit galleries and ongoing exhibitions in Jakarta.

The Arts Study Group at Sudjojono’s Hidup Mengalun Dendang exhibition

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