Converse about Indonesia in private homes, diplomatic residences, and the IHS library.

We have various fun and interesting activities in Indonesian Heritage Society. To get a glimpse of our activities and know more about them, please click below.

Explore Indonesia

IHS Explorers

Experience Jakarta by becoming an Explorer!

Heritage Tours

Heritage Tours

Travel to destinations throughout Indonesia with group of like-minded people.

Study Groups

Join a group of like-minded people who share interest in learning the Indonesian culture


Black Coffee White Elephant

Black Coffee White Elephant

Fund raiser activity.

Blue Lotus Day

Our annual event to celebrate togetherness and the end of term in May.


Selamat Datang

Our annual event to welcome new and old members in September!

Language Sections

Japanese Speaking Section


French Section

French Speaking Section

La section francophone

Korean Section

Korean Speaking Section

한국어 섹션

IHS Italian Section1

Italian Speaking Section

Sezione lingua italiana

Museum Projects

Learn more about Indonesia by actively supporting Indonesian cultural institutions.

Museum Tours

Explore Indonesia without leaving Jakarta!



Evening Lectures

One of the oldest activities in IHS, presented to the public in English.

IHS Night Study Group

Night Study Group

Join the to learn more about Indonesia together in the evening.

*All Photos have been contributed by our generous members.

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming activities here!

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