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Museum Tours

Explore Indonesia without leaving Jakarta! Experience the Indonesian archipelago in the company of a tour guide; see the treasures of the islands, and learn about the diverse cultures. The Indonesian Heritage Society Tour guides give regular free highlight tours at the Nasional Museum (Gedung Gajah) in English, French, Japanese, and Korean. Tours in a wide variety of other languages are available on request. Click here to see more details.

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Museum Projects

Museum Projects offers the chance for volunteers to learn about the heritage of Indonesia by actively supporting the cultural institutions of Indonesia. Our activities are always subject to the direction of the Museum Curators and staff and fall into three broad categories: translation, inventory, and preparation of information material. Translation mostly concerns translation to English of texts prepared by Museum staff in Bahasa Indonesia. Inventory work includes photographing, measuring and describing objects on display and/or in storage, and collating the results in book form. Information material includes boards for items on display, booklets, greeting cards, etc. We have had various projects in four Museums in Jakarta. Please contact if you would like more information.
Museum Projects : Museum Information Board

School Programs

The objective of the School Program section is to foster students’ appreciation of Indonesia’s cultural and geographical diversity. Heritage Society Friends provide guided discussions and slide presentations to students at the international schools of Jakarta.

Museum Nasional

The Museum Nasional is one of the main museums in Jakarta. It is an institution of cultural heritage studies and cultural center of educational information and recreation, with an obligation to save and preserve objects of cultural heritage of Indonesia. Visit the Museum Nasional’s website for more details of their collections.

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