Night Study Group

Enjoy learning about Indonesia’s rich heritage and culture in the evenings from the comforts of your home. Night Study Group (NSG) hosts informative talks online for Friends of IHS, family, and friends on various topics such as arts, culture, culinary, history, and heritage. On the second Wednesday of each month, IHS friends meet online, listen to a presentation on a topic related to Indonesian heritage, and have an interactive Q&A session with the speaker.


Our monthly program is publicized in the weekly E-news, Website, and Social media, do join us for an evening that will enlighten and delight you.

Borobudur Session (December 2021)
Pak Zahir - Indigo ( October 2022)
William Wongso (February 2022)

Interested in knowing more and /or joining us? Please contact further information.


*All Photos have been contributed by our generous members. 

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