Evening Lectures are one of the oldest activities of IHS offering popular English-language lectures once a month. Since September 1973, over 500 lectures have been organised exploring Indonesia’s culture and contemporary issues, covering themes like History, Arts, Dance, Culture and Landscapes on different islands, Religion, Fauna, Food, and Social Life-together. There are topics of interest for everyone living in Indonesia whether born here or coming from abroad.

Peter Carey - Majapahit (September 2023)

Evening Lectures in Session

Our lectures start at 7:00 p.m. The Italian Culture Institute (ICI) has graciously offered to allow us to use their auditorium at Jl Cokroaminoto no. 117, in Central Jakarta. (https://iicjakarta.esteri.it/iic_jakarta/it/istituto/come_raggiungerci – How to reach the ICI).
We invite you to arrive early to enjoy light conversations with like-minded friends before the session.

Interested in knowing more and/or joining us? Please contact lectures@heritagejkt.org for further information.