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What do we do?

We, Explorers, invite curious minds to experience Jakarta and its surroundings in an exciting way.

We have a variety of immersive activities to learn more about life in Indonesia, ranging from tours around the city and nature to joining workshops that teach the local traditional cultural heritage such as ceramics, batik, or even Balinese dance!

Explorers will definitely meet enthusiastic teachers who are willing to share and pass on their knowledge and passion.

How does it work?

Sharing cultural experiences and convivial get-together are the key ingredients of the Explorers. That is why the Explorers rely on each member to take an active part in organizing one of the 160 activities listed, with the support of the Explorers team.

In this way, Explorers can be a living, organic system for sharing knowledge and bringing culture alive by living it every day!

Upcoming programme!

Let’s discover together the exciting Explorers programme!

Interested in joining us?

First, you must be a member of the Indonesian Heritage Society*.

Then, you can freely choose to be a part of any of the 6 Explorers groups.

*For all non-members, an additional fee will apply.
Activities for members are free, but sometimes fee may be required depending on the activity.

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