Photo Competition 2021 Sign up Form

The theme of the IHS 2021 Photography Competition is: “Re-discovering Joy across the Indonesian Archipelago.” The theme invites you to share and re-discover the positivity around Indonesia that has inspired you. This theme is open to your unique interpretation and not specifically confined to faces or portraiture.Whether people in action or scenes from nature, this past year or five years ago, we welcome any expression of JOY.

The competition is  open to both IHS members and non-members. No special photography skills are required. We welcome all skill levels!

If you would like to become an IHS Member, please click here for more information on joining us.

Kindly note:

* Our submission deadline is 30th September.

*Please click here to read the Photo competition rules thoroughly for complete details about the Competition before filling the form below.

If you have any other questions, kindly contact us at

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