Bali, 50years of changes by Dr. Jean Couteau

The IHS Evening Lectures are back!
Are you excited to join our first in-person ELS Event after more than two years.
New location!

This time at the
Italian Cultural Institute
Jalan HOS.Cokroaminoto, No 117, Menteng

Our guest speaker Dr Jean Couteau is well known as a multilingual writer on a variety of genres and topics. He has witnessed the impact of modern life on Balinese society over the past 50 years. Jean Couteau is a reputed specialist on Balinese culture and will discuss the many fields of changes: from sexual behavior to religious practices, the engagement of Balinese with foreigners and other Indonesians, issues of tolerance, violence, economy, spirituality, cultural evolution, and the shift of mentality from myth to rational thinking. The lecture is based on a recently into English translated book: Bali, 50 years of Changes – A Conversation with Jean Couteau (by Eric Buvelot)

No need to sign-up, just come by early for registration (18.15 pm onwards), to mingle and have a snack.
The lecture will start at 7 pm promptly. There will be a Q&A session following the talk.

Members & Non-Members: IDR 50,000; Students: IDR 30,000

For information and questions please contact our ELS Team:

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