Indonesian Heritage Society offers unique and interesting merchandises for purchase. The proceeds from the sales will support the cultural and educational activities of the organization.

All items are available at the Library.

Paperback Notebook - Fleurs, Fruits et Feuillages de l’île de Java

The cover features an illustration from Berthe Hoola van Nooten’s watercolor illustration series of Indonesian flora painted in 1863 titled “Fleurs, Fruits et Feuillages de l’île de Java”.


  • Paperback
  • Lined pages
  • Available in large and small sizes

Notebook - Ecoprint

The cover features leaves which are naturally printed using the eco printing technique. The unique charm of it is the fact that no two notebooks are exactly identical.


  • A notebook

Notepad - Bajaj

A very practical notepad to keep reminders and plans going well like the traveling three-wheeled bajaj.


  • Paper
  • 10 cm x 15 cm in size

Ceramic Mug

A mug printed with various Indonesian delicacies. These mugs are designed by the talented Fadilah Arief and produced by Zen ceramics in Indonesia.

It can help decide lunch.


  • Ceramic

WS Batik Buckets

A bucket with beautiful intricate batik design.


  • Cloth