The IHS Explorers groups visits different places in Jakarta and its surroundings. The Explorers groups discover Indonesian culture, traditions and food. With more than 160 tours, the activities range from walks in the city or nature, museum visits, discovery or rediscovery or rediscovery of tourist places, taking part in many Indonesian traditional activities (ceramics, batik, cooking, painting…) and much more.


All of these activities give you the opportunity to need passionate people and friends. It is also a great opportunity to experience things you might be unable to do if you were to on your own.


A tour can last from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the activity.

Each Explorer is asked to organize, with a partner, one tour per session by choosing a tour from a list of over 160 approved tours. All the tours are well documented and all the necessary information can be found in the Heritage Society Library. Groups leaders offer additional advice and assistance to tour organizers.

Welcome Explorers!

How to be a part of Explorers? To become an Explorer you need to be registered as a member of the Indonesian Heritage Society. You can sign for the Explorers by sending an email to explorers@heritagejkt.org. There are 7 IHS Explorer Groups:
Type Meeting Frequency
Hanoman (Hiking group) Once a month on Mondays
Bagong (Food exploring group) Once a month on Mondays
Bima Twice a month on Wednesdays
Semar Twice a month on Wednesdays
Sembadra Twice a month on Wednesdays
Arjuna Once a month on Thursdays
Gatotkaca Once a month on Saturdays
Come and join us and explore Jakarta! For more information please email: explorers@heritagejkt.org. *All Photos have been contributed by our generous members.

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