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Our Community is very diverse, coming from different countries, different backgrounds and orientations.  We are united by  common interests and goals to learn and promote Indonesia’s cultural heritage.  Through our wide range of activities we create a community that is respectful and celebrate each other’s differences, similarities and  humanities.  Hope you will join us.

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Overseas Friends are :
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The success of the Indonesian Heritage Society depends on committed volunteers. If you are experienced in a particular area, or are just keen and willing to dedicate some time in the following areas, please tick the appropriate boxes below:

I hereby fully release and discharge THE INDONESIAN HERITAGE SOCIETY (the "Indonesian Heritage Society") including its Board of Management, Community Section, Museum Section, Operation Section and Communication Section and its authorized members (collectively hereinafter referred to as the "Released Parties"), unconditionally from any and all claims and liabilities whatsoever arising from my voluntary participation in any of the activities of the Indonesian Heritage Society, including but not limited to the Indonesian Heritage Society activities conducted by the Communications, Community, Museum, and/or Operation Division and including any and all incidental activities related hereto ("Activities").

Accordingly, I unconditionally convey risk of all actions, claims, costs, damages, expenses, judgments, liabilities, suits and reasonable attorney fees, arising out of my participation in any Indonesian Heritage Society sponsored events, including but not limited to any negligence or alleged negligence by the Indonesian Heritage Society or any service provider it retains.

I fully understand and acknowledge that should the activities require accommodation, meals, travel and transportation whether by road, air or sea in Indonesia, I may not be subject to the same standards of health and safety as those with which I am familiar hereto, I do release and discharge the Indonesian Heritage Society and/or the Released Parties from any and all incidental occurrences related to such respective Activities; and consequently, I convey all risk of personal injury, death and property damage that may result from my participation in these Activities.

In reference hereto, I hereby unconditionally waive and release any and all present or future claims of costs, damages, expen ses, liabilities, and suits against the Indonesian Heritage Society and/or the Released Parties, including all attorney fees, medical expenses, monetary damages and all claims which may arise from any accidents, injuries, death or property damage occurring as a result of my participation in the Activities.

This liability release and indemnity is valid and applies to my entire participation in the Activities as contemplated by this Registration form and any renewal or extension thereof. As representative of my family, I hereby represent and warrant that this liability release and indemnity is valid and applies to the participation in the Activities of all my family members as registered herewith under the respective family registration.

I hereby irrevocably agree that should I instituted any photographs, films, sound or any other recording systems’ outcome (collectively referred to as “Portrayals) taken of and/or from any of the Indonesian Heritage Society organized Activities , not to utilize the Portrayals in any articles, promotion, or advertising outside the Indonesian Heritage Society without prior consent of the Indonesian Heritage Society. I hereby release its intellectual property rights on such Portrayals and the Indonesian Heritage Society promotional efforts and any other purposes without my prior consent, and I shall not with express prejudice make any claims or take any proceedings thereto.